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Recall & Reminder Systems



The process of requesting a patient to attend a consultation to receive further medical advice on matters of clinical significance. Examples of a recall include an abnormal cervical screening result or an elevated INR. A practice must attempt to contact a patient a minimum of three times to inform them they have had an abnormal result, and that they need to make another appointment. It is the Doctor’s duty of care to ensure the patient attends an appointment.

Mandatory criterion GP2.1►B, GP2.2►B, C & E in the RACGP Accreditation 5th edition standards relate to practices’ recall systems.


A reminder is an appointment to provide routine preventative health activities such as immunisations and health assessments. Reminders are especially helpful for cancer screening such as mammograms, bowel screening and cervical screening.  The duty of care to attend these appointments lies with the patient. 

The following criteria refer to the use of patient reminders in the RACGP Accreditation 5th edition standards GP2.2D, C4.1A, GP2.1B, GP2.2 C&D.


Do all your staff manage recalls and reminders the same way?

Do you know how to utilise your clinical software to manage recalls and reminders in the most efficient way?

Do your doctors need some training in the clinical software? 

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