Integrating Care Clinical Council

The Integrating Care Clinical Council (ICCC) is a multi-disciplinary committee that advises the Board on relevant clinical issues. ICCC assists in decision-making on improving local and regional healthcare systems for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes.

The GP-led Integrating Care Clinical Council focuses on the “whole of region level” in regards to population health planning, needs assessment, prioritisation, commissioning of services and the development of clinical pathways.

Based on Department of Health guidelines for Clinical Councils and feedback from NBMPHN GP Advisors, our Integrating Care Clinical Council includes four GPs from the GP Clinical Council (GPCC) - one per LGA (Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith) as well as other health professionals including but not limited to practice nurses, allied and community health professionals and hospital representatives.

The members provide local and regional GP perspectives on the provision of primary care and help facilitate the two-way sharing of information between committees.

The Chair of the Integrating Care Clinical Council is a GP, appointed by the Board.

Locally-based representatives of the Integrating Care Clinical Council reflect the key healthcare service providers in the area and have the knowledge and skill sets to address inter-sectoral care, service gaps and integrated care plan pathways. Ex-officio members from NBMPHN and NBMLHD also attend meetings - Lizz Reay (CEO, NBMPHN) and Lee Gregory (CE, NBMLHD).

The Integrating Care Clinical Council meets three times per year, with the Terms of Reference (pdf, 425kb) further outlining the objectives, duties, skills and operations of this high-level committee. 

Integrating Care Clinical Council Achievements

Integrating Care Clinical Council members

General Practitioners

  • Dr Linda McQueen (Blue Mountains)
  • Dr Hilton Brown (Lithgow)
  • Dr Hany Gayed (Penrith)

Allied Health Professionals

  • Jillian Harrington, Clinical Psychologist (Penrith)

Community Pharmacist

  • Stephan Kovacic, Pharmacist  (Penrith)

University / Research

  • Dr Miriam Brooks, School of Medicine, Department of General Practice, Western Sydney University

Consumer Reps

  • Belinda Leonard, NBMPHN & NBMLHD Community Advisory Committee Chair
  • Peter Gooley, NBMPHN & NBMLHD Community Advisory Committee member 

Specialist Clinicians

  • Dr Karen Fisher, Clinical Director, Drug & Alcohol, NBMLHD
  • Dr Anita Sharma, Head of Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr Karen Arblaster, Director, Allied Health & Strategic Partnerships, NBMLHD

Ex-Officio Members

  • Lee Gregory, CE, NBMLHD
  • Lizz Reay, CEO, NBMPHN