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Disaster Recovery


Local and National Bushfire Recovery Resources

National Bushfire Recovery Agency coordinates the national response to rebuilding communities affected by bushfires across Australia.
Services NSW: Bushfire Customer Care Service helps individuals and businesses navigate the supports available across all levels of government.
A Guide to Bushfire Recovery Resources Hawkesbury City Council
Bushfire Recovery Guide Blue Mountains City Council
Emergency Resources Blue Mountains Resources Network
Bushfires Fact Sheet RACGP

Bushfire Mental Health Resources

Bushfire Recovery Mental Health Support Quick Guide for GPs in the Nepean Blue Mountains region (July 2020)


Local and National Flood Resource

Flooding Fact Sheet RACGP

General Disaster Recovery Resources:

Natural Disaster and Emergency Primary Health Workforce Response NSW Rural Doctors Network
Extreme Weather Fact Sheet RACGP
Thunderstorm Asthma Fact Sheet RACGP
Managing Emergencies in General Practice: A Guide for Preparation, Response and Recovery RACGP

Mental Health Support 

Bushfire and Flood Psychological Therapy Services

Bushfire and Flood Psychological Therapy Services (PTS) are available to people impacted by the 2019/2022 bushfires and the 2021/2022 floods in our region. This includes the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith local government areas. People impacted by loss of property, loss of business income and significant mental health impacts from threat of bushifre and/or flood, which could include past trauma.

The Bushfire and Flood PTS streams provide up to 10 free sessions for individuals, couples or families. No Centrelink or health care card is needed. No Mental Health Care plan is needed (although a GP may choose to complete one at their discretion). 

How do my patients access it?

  • Referrals can be made by calling the PTS intake line on 1800 223 365 or by completing the PTS referral form
  • Patients can also self-refer by calling 1800 595 212 to speak to a mental health professional, who will refer them into the PTS Bushfire and Flood service

For more information visit the Psychological Therapy Services page.

Mental Health Help Website

The Mental Health Help website is a local directory of over 300 mainly mental health-based services. Services can be found by location, area of support (mental health, addiction support, domestic and family violence, etc.) and type of service (community and aged care, health service, social groups, crisis, and emergency support).

Head to Health

The Head to Health Phoneline is available for patients within our region who need mental health support. Patients can call 1800 595 212, Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm to speak to a trained mental health professional from our region, who will guide them to the right mental health support for their needs. 

GP Psychiatry Support Line 

GPs in our region can access a free psychiatry advice line to help manage the care of patients with mental health concerns. The GP Psychiatry Support Line gives GPs direct and timely access to a psychiatrist, allowing patients whose conditions are treatable within primary care, to stay under the care of their GP.

General Mental Health Resources

Community Trauma Toolkit Emerging Minds - provides important information, education and mental health resources to assist GPs when having conversations with patients about the impacts of disasters. 
Mental Health and Emergencies Fact Sheet RACGP
Disaster Mental Health Hub Phoenix Australia - Information, resources and training for professionals who support individuals and communities experiencing the mental health impacts of disasters