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Vaccination Contra-indications Template

Public Health Order 2020 (COVID-19 Residential Aged Care Facilities) has been updated. Key changes include:

  • Care and support visits no longer restricted to 2 hours
  • Residents can receive more than one care and support visit per day (by max 2 visitors together)
  • Those under 16 years can now visit under the same restrictions as other visitors - not only for end-of-life
  • Personal care services can resume.

In addition, the letter now states that people with egg allergy (non-anaphylaxis) do not qualify for a medical contraindication exemption from the flu vaccine. Medical Director and Best Practice templates of this new form will be sent next week.

The vaccine is not considered to be ‘available’ to someone if they have a medical contra-indication to having it, but medical evidence is needed to verify that they cannot have the vaccine, such as a letter or medical certificate from their GP.

Information for Disability Support Providers

National Immunisation Program Vaccination Clinics during COVID-19

NSW Health has provided recommended procedures based on current advice to minimise risk. This advice is to assist you with planning and managing vaccination clinics which is coinciding with the COVID-19 response. Immunisation providers should continue to offer immunisation services with enhanced infection control measures. Therefore you must take all possible steps to reduce the risk of transmission to your staff and clients attending vaccination clinics. Vaccination providers will have to consider their operational process based on staffing, physical layout of venues, fittings and resources.

NAC advice for Spirometry

The National Asthma Council (NAC) has general advice on their website about managing patients with asthma during this time. NAC has also developed a document outlining Spirometry Infection Control Recommendations for Primary Health.

Visit the Australian Asthma Handbook for the latest information and recommendations regarding spirometry testing. Please check the Handbook regularly for updates as the advice may change as more evidence emerges.

Coronavirus National Health Plan

The National Health Plan is a collection of resources for the general public, health professionals and industry outlining a range of funding measures the Australian Government is taking to combat coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Vaccination Resources