Aboriginal Health

We offer a range of health services specifically developed to assist the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples in our region. These include:

You can also print out our Aboriginal Health Services brochure (pdf, 3.4mb).

Consultation and Reconciliation

Our organisation has a strong history of collaborating with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities within our region.

As part of a length consultation process, we developed Sharing & Learning Circle Reports for each of our LGAs. A summary document encapsulating all four reports is also available. This work would not have been possible without the engagement, participation and commitment of the Aboriginal community locally, as well as the broader community and local service providers. 

We have also developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (pdf, 7.9mb), which formalises our vision to improve the health of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and embed their community needs into our everyday business and culture. 

715 Health Check Resources

Have you had your 715 health check? Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can get a free health check at your local Aboriginal Medical Service, general practice or health clinic. These resources are available for more information: 

For more information, case studies and podcasts please visit the Department of Health website.

Breath of Fresh Air Case Study

Breath of Fresh Air was a smoking cessation campaign, funded by Cancer Institute NSW, which was designed to create opportunities for change in Aboriginal communities around tobacco use. Breath of Fresh air was co-designed with Aboriginal people in our region and drew upon the links between mind, body, spirit and culture - as opposed to a negative or fear-based campaign. We partnered with Aboriginal companies 33 Creative and Blacklock Media to develop a campaign which used storytelling and art-based visual messaging. Adopting the tag line ‘I Choose Fresh Air’, the campaign used holistic wellbeing, culture and connection to country as the motivation to reduce smoking.

In September 2020 our Breath of Fresh Air initiative was named as a finalist in the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) Arts and Culture category. This campaign is an example of what can be accomplished through community partnerships and our commitment to improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Aboriginal mother with her two children