GP Clinical Council

Our GP Clinical Council (GPCC) serves as an advisory body to our Board.

GPCC represents general practitioners in our four local government areas in our region. They focus on advising the Board on:

  • strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities through the provision of high-quality, accessible and integrated primary healthcare.
  • strategies to address issues facing GPs, including consideration of the the unique needs in different communities within the region.

An important part of GPCC’s role is to advise on decision-making at the practice level to strengthen the support provided to GPs in their day-to-day work. Members discuss issues in relation to health pathways, hospitals, aged care facilities, workforce, GP education and training and more.  

GPCC meets up to 10 times per year. More detail on the role and purpose of the GPCC is detailed in the Terms of Reference.

Interested in joining the GPCC?

We are currently looking for general practitioners to join our Clinical Council.  Benefits of joining include:

  • Informing the direction of primary care in the region
  • Contributing to improved health services in the region
  • Networking with other GPs
  • Keeping informed of new initiatives
  • Developing your governance and leadership skills

Members are remunerated for their time, and we offer online attendance to make it easier for members across the region to participate.

We are looking for GPs practising in the Blue Mountains or Lithgow to fill current vacancies.

However, we welcome enquiries from any GP in the Nepean Blue Mountains region who is interested in knowing more about joining the GPCC or participating in other PHN activities as a GP representative.

Please complete the form below to express your interest. For enquiries, email our Stakeholder Engagement Team.

The information submitted in this form will be used for to verify consent for individuals and will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

GPCC Members

Blue Mountains:

  • Dr Simone Heiler
  • Dr Sue Owen


  • Dr David Foley
  • Dr Catherine Brunton
  • Dr Alex Williams 


  • Dr Hilton Brown
  • Dr Babak Adeli


  • Dr Anju Aggarwal
  • Dr Thu Dang
  • Dr Hany Gayed

GP Clinical Council Acheivements

Have your say

We invite GPs to submit ideas and suggestions to GPCC. Provide your input online.

For more information about GPCC, please email our Stakeholder Engagement Team or call 4708 8100.

Have your say

We invite GPs to submit ideas and suggestions to GPCC. Provide your input online.