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We are committed to providing continuing professional development for GPs, practice nurses, practice managers, practice staff and allied health professionals across our region.

RACGP and ACRRM Requirements

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) assists GPs in maintaining and improving the quality of care they provide patients and promoting care to the community to the highest possible standards. We assist in organising and implementing educational activities for health professionals based on agreed needs decided through collaboration with GPs who practice in our region. To deliver training, events and workshop topics that are most important in our region, we work collaboratively with NBMLHD, peak bodies and other key education providers.

We are a CPD education provider under the RACGP and ACRRM continuing professional development programs. 

2023-2025 Triennium

We are currently in the 2023-2025 Triennium which commenced on 1 January 2023. In this triennium, GPs will need to record 50 CPD hours annually across various activity categories. These activity types are as follows.

Activity type Minimum hours required
Education Activities (EA) 12.5 hours
Reviewing performance( RP) and/or
Measuring Outcomes (MO)
25 hours, with a minimum of 5hrs in RP and minimum of 5hrs in MO
Any Activity Type (EA, RP, MO) 12.5 hours
Total 50 hours

There are some required activity types that GPs do need to meet, but there's also flexibility in how to make up some of the hours.

Note: All of our education activities are free to health professionals working in our region. Each activity will provide a breakdown of the activity type of hours participants will earn when in a CPD session. As a requirement of the Medical Board, GPs will also need to complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP) each year.

Our events team can help by  providing you with  support in meeting your requirements as set out by your CPD Home.

Events Calendar

We provide an extensive range of educational activities for GPs that focus on relevant clinical and practice support areas in general practice and network related projects, as well as considering the health profile of the local community. We recognise the type of work needed to do in everyday practice and work towards tailoring a range of activities and learning opportunities that will  suit your scope of practice. Visit our Events Calendar to learn more about the current educational activities we are running.


Our Events Team can help by  providing you with  support in meeting your requirements as set out by your CPD Home. For more information, contact Catherine or Liszt on 4708 8100.

To provide feedback on our RACGP CPD activities in confidence, please use this GP feedback form.