Health in Penrith

The Penrith Local Government Area (LGA) is located at the western fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area - about 54 kilometres from the Sydney GPO.

Penrith is on the western edge of Sydney and covers 404 square kms. Around 80% of the City is rural and rural-residential.

Penrith is home to 219,149 people. [source: Penrith City Community Profile]

Health Statistics

Some key statistics pertaining to the health of the Penrith area include:

  • Median age is 35 years  
  • 18.2% of people are 60 years or older
  • More residents work in health care and social assistance than any other industry
  • 23% of people were born overseas and 20% spoke a language other than English at home
  • 21% single person households
  • 4.6% unemployment rate
  • The childhood immunisation rate is 85.25%
  • The most prevalent diagnoses are hypertension (12.8%), hyperlipidaemia (10.7%), anxiety (9.1%), asthma (8.4%) and osteoarthritis (4.71%)
  • 63.6% of residents are overweight or obese.
  • 11.1% of residents are daily or irregular smokers
  • There are 76 general practices and 51 community pharmacies

Health Priorities

  • Aged care services - both home care and nursing home care.
  • Workforce problems - shortage of healthcare providers
  • Access to information - knowledge of services and need for a central information source
  • Access to Specialist and Psychiatry services
  • Boundaries with accessing health services in other areas
  • Safety and security within health facilities
  • Rapid growth - growing demand on health services
  • Cultural diversity – culturally appropriate health services
  • Communication - improving communication between health services, healthcare providers and consumers
  • Health services for the homeless - better access to services
  • Suicide support services – support for young people in crisis
  • Men’s Health - inadequately supported in the area
  • Renal Dialysis - shortage of services and access difficulties
  • Dental services - costs, waiting lists and access difficulties
  • Multidisciplinary treatment - more holistic care sought