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Chronic Pain Management

Community Chronic Pain Management Program

Chronic Pain imposes a significant burden of disease on the community with 1 in 5 people reporting to experience chronic or persistent pain. Current research supports small group education sessions for people suffering low to moderate distress and interference in quality of life, as an effective tool for management of persisting pain.

Together with the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, we are offering a series of small group chronic pain management programs. Each program consists of:

  • A 3 hour face-to-face education and exercise session once a week that will run over 6 consecutive weeks
  • Small group size
  • Program facilitators hold follow up sessions with participants at 12 weeks post program

Qualified Allied Health Professionals deliver the program which aims to:

  • Improve functional capacity through education and exercise
  • Assist participants to identify goals, barriers and boundaries, and to develop crisis management strategies and self-help routines

Participants are provided with the following:

  • Workbook which includes goal charts, exercise charts, suitable exercises and a list of resources including websites for further information relating to self-management of chronic pain
  • Relaxation techniques and assistance with setting up self-help routines at home

Referring GPs will receive a report following the program that details the clients' progress through the program to assist with follow-up and continued cycle of care.

For information on current program dates please contact the appropriate program facilitator.

Facilitator Details

Elizabeth Schembri - Main Contact and Lead Facilitator
Lead Facilitator: Chloe Haberecht
Phone: 0438 430 082 Fax: 6332 6686
Emma Scanlon - Main Contact
Lead Facilitators: Corrina Aitken and Erin Burns
Phone: 4732 5188 Fax: 4736 2233