Creating Compassionate Communities

We are working toward Compassionate Communities in our region.

What is Compassionate Community?

A Compassionate Community is one where the community works together and understands that caring for one another during health crises, and personal loss is not simply a task solely for health and social services. The more people who know about the support available in our community, the more we can all support each other.

Compassionate Communities are communities in which everyday people play a vital role in the care and support of people as they age and at end-of-life. It is a globally recognised approach to improving the end-of-life experience for people by mobilising local networks, groups and services to be more conscious, aware and equipped to offer support. This approach is active internationally and was founded by Dr Alan Kellerhear. We established this approach initially in the Blue Mountains as part of improving informal supports for end-of-life care and expanded to the Hawkesbury area for the older people identified as being socially isolated and lonely.

Compassionate Communities work is relatively new in Australia. It seeks to transform how and where we care for each other in times of need. One of the principles of Compassionate Communities is that older people with strong connections have improved physical and mental health compared to those who are socially isolated and experiencing loneliness.

Community Program 

We hosted a community event for older people and organisations who offer services for older people in the Blue Mountains on 3 May 2023. Participants heard from experts and those involved in local initiatives that have made a difference in our communities.

Participants also learnt what supports are available and who may benefit in your community from this approach. If you are interested in being involved in our Compassionate Community, contact our Healthy Ageing Team via email or by calling 4708 8100