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My Health Record Printed Material 

Any My Health Record printed materials that mention opt-out should now be recycled. Materials that do not contain information about the opt-out period should continue to be used.

Health professionals can continue to order My Health Record resources (at no cost) through the Print on Demand portal or download resources from the For Health Professionals page of the My Health Record website. New materials continue to be added.

Cancelling a My Health Record

If your patients have a My Health Record and no longer want one, they can cancel it at any time. To cancel, patients access their record through their 'MyGov' account and find the ‘Cancel My Health Record’ button under the ‘Profile' menu, or they can call the My Health Record Helpline on 1800 723 471. If someone wishes to cancel their My Health Record, personal identification documents will be required with the cancellation request (Medicare or DVA card plus driver licence, passport, or ImmiCard). If a patient subsequently wishes to have a My Health Record they will need to create a new one.

eHealth Incentive or ePIP calculations

How to make sure the minimum requirements for payment of the eHealth Incentive or ePIP is met

Existing practices: 

The minimum shared health summary upload target is calculated using your practice’s Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE). Every quarter your practice is sent a Payment Advice which advises your current SWPE count.

The SWPE count provided in your last Payment Advice is the SWPE value used to calculate your shared health summary upload target for the forthcoming quarter. To determine your practice’s minimum upload target, multiply the SWPE in your Payment Advice by 0.5%.

For example, the calculation for a practice with a SWPE of 5,000 would be 5,000 x 0.5% = minimum shared health summary upload target of 25.

New and small practices:

If your practice is new to PIP or has a SWPE of less than 1,000 your practice will be given a default SWPE level of 1,000 to determine the minimum number of shared health summaries that are required to be uploaded.

This equates to a minimum shared health summary upload target of 5 per quarter. The default SWPE is only used to calculate your minimum shared health summary upload target and is not used to calculate any PIP payments.

Where the specific target calculated is not a whole number, targets will be rounded down.

How much is the incentive:

The current payment rate is $6.50 per SWPE per annum, up to the cap of $12,500 per quarter ($50,000 per annum) and will be made retrospectively each quarter to practices that adhere to the eligibility requirements for the entire payment quarter.

Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Reports in My Health Record

Pathology and diagnostic imaging services are now able to add their reports to a patient's My Health Record.

This means that you, your patient and other healthcare providers involved in their care will have access a patient’s results in their My Health Record wherever and whenever they are needed, regardless of the healthcare provider who has ordered them.

Hospitals in the Nepean Blue Mountains region are already uploading pathology and diagnostic imaging reports, while private radiology and pathology groups are gradually introducing this feature as they become connected to My Health Record.

See if your area has a private Lab or Radiology practice uploading reports to My Health Record.

How does it work?

Pathology and diagnostic imaging reports will still be sent directly to you using existing processes. If your patient has a My Health Record, the report will also be uploaded to their Record and will be immediately available to other members of the patient’s healthcare team, who have access to My Health Record. The patient is only able to view their report after seven days. This gives you time to review the report and, if necessary, contact your patient to discuss the results before they can see them in their My Health Record.

The patient has control over whether a report is uploaded to their My Health Record by:

  • ticking the 'Do not send reports to My Health Record' box on the referral form
  • asking you to tick the 'Do not send reports to My Health Record' box in your practice management software. 

More information:

To register your practice for My Health Record, call 4708 8100.