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Getting Started


Before registering to use My Health Record, organisations must implement a My Health Record Security and Access policy.

To use the My Health Record system, practices must:

  • Register with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) service to obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier for Organisation (HPI‑O), then register with My Health Record system.
  • Apply for a NASH PKI Certificate for the organisation, to securely access and share health information.

Setting up access

My Health Record can be accessed by software (such as MedicalDirector or Best practice for My Health Record.

Set up the software, ensuring that all healthcare providers in a practice have their Healthcare Provider Identifier-Individual (HPI-I) stored in the software.

eHealth PIP Incentive

Organisations applying to receive the eHealth  Practice Incentives Program (ePIP) from Medicare will need to meet five requirements to be eligible to receive the incentive:

  1. Integrate Healthcare Identifiers into electronic practice records
  2. Obtain and actively use Secure Message Delivery (SMD) product
  3. Implement data records and clinical terminology (medical vocabulary)
  4. Obtain and actively use Electronic Transfer of Prescription (eTP) product

Use compliant software for accessing the My Health Record system, and creating and posting shared health summaries.