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About HealthPathways

HealthPathways provides information on how to assess and manage medical conditions, and how to request timely input from specialist services.

The name HealthPathways reflects the referral lines or ‘pathways’ which connect patients to the right care, at the right place and with the right healthcare provider.

HealthPathways is dynamic, with new pathways constantly under development . The robust pathway review process ensures new evidence, technology, service redesign and feedback from our users will be reflected in our pathway updates.

Who manages HealthPathways?

HealthPathways is a partnership between Nepean Blue Mountains PHN and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District.

We are collaborating with general practice clinical staff, hospital and community specialists, nurses and allied health providers to create locally relevant pathways. 

The project is based on an initiative created by Canterbury District Health Board in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since 2008 more than 1,000 pathways have been created covering over 550 medical conditions, contributing to significant improvements in the way hospital and general practice share the care and management of patients.

There are now 32 HealthPathway regions across New Zealand, Australia and the UK. 

How does HealthPathways benefit patients?

HealthPathways is designed to improve the outcomes and experience of patients by ensuring they receive the right treatment with shorter waiting times.
HealthPathways will help GPs by providing:

  • the best management and treatment options locally available for common medical conditions. 
  • information on how to refer to the most appropriate local services and specialists.
  • educational resources and information for patients, to enable better self-management of health.

How does HealthPathways benefit primary care?

HealthPathways is designed to be efficient, simple and quick to use. From a single website, GPs can identify the most effective treatment and management options using locally developed clinical guidelines, and quickly determine the relevant local specialists and services for their patients from an up-to-date service directory.

Who can use the HealthPathways portal?

HealthPathways is a decision support tool for GPs, healthcare professionals, and other key health and social care stakeholders. The portal is not designed to be used by patients or general community members. 

The HealthPathways website allows healthcare professionals to:

  • enter the patient’s condition or suspected illness.
  • access symptom outlines and management options.
  • access information on how to refer patients to the most appropriate local services and specialists.

Can health professionals suggest topics for HealthPathways development?

Yes. The Nepean Blue Mountains HealthPathways team is keen to hear
suggestions for pathway development from GPs and hospital service providers.