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Health Support for GPs

As a busy GP, do you have your own GP? 

The mental and physical health of doctors and students in Australia is an ongoing concern within the medical profession and community.

Poor mental health among doctors and medical students has far-reaching effects. As well as the personal impact for the individual and those close to them, colleagues, peers and patients can also be affected. Promoting good mental health in our hospitals and health services is strongly in the interests of both the medical profession and the broader Australian community. (Source: Heads Up)

According to the RACGP53% of Australian General Practitioners have considered leaving general practice because of work stress.

Health Services available to support GPs and medical students

Doctors' Health Advisory Service

The Doctors' Health Advisory Service in NSW operates a telephone Help Line to provide personal advice to practitioners and students facing difficulties. Anyone who is concerned about their own health, the health of a colleague, or the health of a family members who is a doctor or a medical student can call the Help Line.

beyondblue Doctors' Mental Health Program

Research and media reports have highlighted the high rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, substance use and self-medication throughout the profession. To address these issues, beyondblue developed the beyondblue Doctors' Mental Health Program (bbDMHP), in consultation with key stakeholders from the mental health and medical sectors. The aim of the bbDMHP is to address the prevalence of depression, anxiety and suicide in Australian medical students and doctors.

RACGP GP Support Program

The GP Support Program is a free service offered by the RACGP in line with the college's commitment to foster a culture of self care amongst general practitioners. It is available to all Australian RACGP members who are registered medical practitioners, regardless of where you live or work. Members can access professional advice to help cope with life's stressors which may include personal and work related issues that can impact on a person's wellbeing, work performance, safety, workplace morale and psychological health.