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Palliative Care

To better understand the end of life care service gaps, we commissioned a report based on consultation with local health professionals to assist in developing strategies to improve service delivery.

The Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure has assisted us in improving awareness of local palliative care options and to coordinate and facilitate access to safe, quality palliative care services at home. A dedicated program to implement the Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure locally is currently being established for our region.


  • End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC): ELDAC provides information, guidance, and resources to health professionals and aged care workers to support palliative care and advance care planning to improve the care of older Australians. Resources such as the Residential Aged Care Toolkit are also available on the website to provide palliative care planning support to residents and their carers/families.
  • University of Wollongong Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC): The PCOC aims to improve palliative care patient and carer outcomes. This tool is a suitable framework for palliative care service providers as it enables practitioners to generate consistent information to appropriately plan and deliver care.
  • Palliative Care Australia (PCA): PCA is the national peak body for palliative care. PCA works closely alongside consumers, organizations, and the palliative care workforce to improve access and the need for palliative care.
  • The Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA): PEPA is a national palliative care project. It provides education and training to the healthcare workforce and deliver programs for priority healthcare provider groups across primary, secondary, and tertiary settings.
  • The Palliative Care Bridge: The Palliative Care Bridge delivers innovative educational videos and resources on palliative care by respected experts and specialists in their fields. These educational resources have been provided to support healthcare staff and consumers work together in the delivery of appropriate palliative care.

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