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The Australian Immunisation Handbook

The Australian Immunisation Handbook provides clinical advice for health professionals on the safest and most effective use of vaccines in their practice. The most accurate and up-to-date information is available online and is the format of choice over hardcopy handbooks.

The website has quick links on:

  • Vaccine preventable diseases
  • Vaccination for special risk groups
  • Catch-up vaccination
  • National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator
  • Handbook tables
  • Vaccination procedures
  • About the handbook
  • Fundamentals of immunisation
  • Vaccines

Catch-up Calculator

The Australian Immunisation Handbook has a catch-up calculator that can be used for people under 10 years old. If you have patients under 10 years of age, you can enter the relevant information into the calculator and be provided with a schedule. (Please note that if the parent/guardian does not adhere to the dates provided on the schedule, you will need to re-enter the information before/at the next visit to ensure you have the most up-to-date schedule.)