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Primary Sense

We are part of a network of Primary Health Networks (PHNs) that have funded the development of Primary Sense ™.

What is Primary Sense?

Designed by GPs, data experts and researchers, Primary Sense is a data extraction and clinical support tool that uses general practice data to give patients the right care at the right time.

Primary Sense is FREE for eligible general practices who share data with us.

Benefits to General Practice include:

  • In-built risk stratification software - identifying high risk groups and predicting future health needs to improve patient care.
  • Automatic updates and ease of use for clinical and non-clinical practice staff.
  • On demand reports for practice managers, GPs, and nurses.
  • Compatible with the most popular clinical management software.
  • Supports quality improvement initiatives and PIP QI requirements.

Improving healthcare in our region

Data sharing from practices throughout the region provides broader population health insights and helps us plan and commission services to better meet the local heath needs and provide support to practices.

De-identified data

Primary Sense extracts de-identified data only from general practices. No data is extracted with any personally identifying characteristic such as name, date of birth, residential address, or Medicare number.

Identifying data is never sent out of the practice, and is never accessible to the central Primary Sense system, to any person or system from us, or to any other third-party.

Primary Sense Support

To find out more for support with Primary Sense, please contact you Primary Care Engagement Officer.

Primary Sense release notes

For the latest enhancements made to Primary Sense visit the Release notes page.