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Influenza Resources

Key links for Immunisation

  1. NSW Immunisation Schedule
  2. Latest Immunisation Handbook (10th edition) 
  3. NCIRS (National Centre for Immunisation & Research Surveillance)
  4. Additional vaccines provided free in NSW
  5. Vaccine Fridge Temperature Recording Chart
  6. Cold Chain Toolkit
  7. Influenza Vaccination Provider Toolkit
  8. Residential Aged Care Providers
  9. Live Shingles Vaccine (Zostavax) Prevaccination Checklist 
  10. National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator Link

Cold chain management

Vaccine fridge logging

Under Strive for Five practices are required to obtain their own data loggers for their vaccine fridges so that when/if breaches occur, the information provided by the logger may minimise the amount of downtime a practice would typically experience.

Regular logging provides evidence to the practice that the vaccines stored and used by the practice have maintained cold-chain procedures at all times and therefore the vaccines administered by the practice provides the effective protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.  Important: download data from your logger each week and ensure that temperatures are recorded at 5 minute intervals.

For more information about this service, please contact your NBMPHN Primary Care Support Officer. 

Data Logger Resources

Experiencing trouble with your data logger, here are some links to support for common brands in use in the marketplace:


WebsiteUser Guide (pdf), LogTag Training - Configuring your LogTag for the first time (video), Telephone Support: 1300 303 334


WebsiteUser Guide, Telephone Support: 1300 186 107


WebsiteUser Guide (pdf), Telephone Support:1300 880 441


WebsiteUser Guide, Telephone Support: 02 6581 3900

“Strive for 5”

Strive for 5 is a concise, practical, user-friendly, best-practice guide to vaccine storage. Practices that order vaccines from NSW Health provide a signed declaration that they are following “strive for 5” guidelines.

NBMPHN recommends that all practices have access to the most recent “Strive for 5” either online or in hard copy. NBMPHN Primary Care Support Officers can provide education to practices to assist in meeting “Strive for 5” cold-chain requirements.

Current NSW and National Immunisation Schedule

NBMPHN provides education and support to ensure that practices are able to access and engage with the most current NSW Health and National Immunisation Program Scheduled (NIPS).

View NBMPHN events and recent issues of Practice News for Immunisation updates.

You can also review the NSW Health Immunisation website.

NSW Vaccine Orders

For all enquiries regarding orders/dispatch call 1300 656 132.

Public Health Unit (PHU) – Penrith Office

Contact the PHU directly for:

Public Health Unit, Penrith
Penrith, 2751
Ph: 02 4734 2022
Fax: 02 4734 3300

Nurse Immunisation Training

Accredited Immunisation Course

The Australian College of Nursing offers an online Immunisation course for nurses wanting to be accredited.

Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

The Australian Immunisation Register (the AIR) is a national register administered by Services Australia that records vaccines given to all people across the lifespan in Australia. Health professionals use the AIR to monitor immunisation coverage levels and service delivery, and to identify regions at risk during disease outbreaks.

Authorised immunisation providers can request and download the AIR 11B report from the AIR secure internet site which identifies children due/overdue for immunisation by immunisation provider.

The AIR has made available the AIR010A reports (10A report) which practices can use to identify patients who are under-immunised. NBMPHN's 10A report Fact Sheet can assist you with how to request and make use of the report.

PRODA Access

Ensure the relevant staff, such as practice nurses and practice managers, has access to the AIR website. These staff can now be delegated access via GP delegations in HPOS or by establishing PRODA for organisations. Visit Services Australia website for further information.

Air Access via Proda Delegation

Contact the AIR on 1800 653 809 or NBMPHN's Immunisation team on 4708 8100 for help.

Latest updates from NSW Health

We will regularly share updates about immunisation and Infectious Disease from NSW Health in the News area of this website.