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GP Leadership Program

GPs are central to us achieving our goals of improved frontline services and better integration between primary and acute care services. 

One way of harnessing GP expertise and ideas is to support and build capacity for General Practitioners to become local GP Leaders. In 2015 we launched the GP Leadership Program which engages GPs to take part in activities that focus on healthcare quality improvement, integration and the application of the Patient-Centred Medical Home. 

As part of this initiative, we support GPs to attend relevant educational events and conferences in healthcare quality improvement and/or integration. GPs are exposed to Australian and international leaders who have expertise in these areas and innovation practices – both inside and outside the health sphere.

Members of the GP Leadership Program: 

  • Share learnings from events with other GP attendees, the PHN and the wider GP population  
  • Brainstorm ways to implement ideas – contributing to the development of a local and regional “action plan”
  • Contribute to improving clinical pathways and efficiencies in the health system by becoming a GP Clinical Advisor in a key PHN focus area or areas, if members have the capacity to participate. Examples of priority areas include diabetes, potentially preventable hospitalisations, mental health, HealthPathways, aged care, data quality etc  

Current GP Leadership Members 

  • Dr Chris Coghill (Upper Mountains Medical Centre) 
  • Dr Cecile Dinh (Balance Springwood Family Practice) 
  • Dr David Foley (Hawkesbury Family Practice) 
  • Dr Louise McDonnell (Hazelbrook General Practice) 
  • Dr Marisa Smith (McGraths Hill Medical Practice)

Are you interested in joining the GP Leadership Program? 

We are keen to build membership of the GP Leadership Program. Interested GPs should call the Stakeholder Governance and Engagement team on 02 4708 8100 or contact us online.