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Implementing a MyHealth Record policy in your organisation

Implementing a MyHealth Record policy in your organisation Learn how to implement and maintain a My Health Record Security and Access policy in your organisation. Understand the Responsible Officer (RO) and Organisational Maintenance Officer (OMO) roles in managing the policy and how to complete the OAIC policy template. 
Digital Health Foundations Series 1 - Healthcare Identifiers and the HI service Learn the basics of the HI service and an overview of the steps required for an organisation to connect to digital health tools.
Digital Health Foundations Series 2 - Accessing PRODA & HPOS Learn what is required to gain access to Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS) via the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) platform, prior to registering an organisation for the HI service.
Digital Health Foundations Series 3 - Registering a Seed Organisation with the HI service Learn the steps required to obtain an HPI-O (healthcare provider identifier - organisation) and successfully register the organisation with the Healthcare Identifiers service.
Digital Health Foundations Series 4 - Setting up access to My Health Record and electronic prescriptions  Learn the steps required to set up an organisation for My Health Record and electronic prescribing after completing registration with the HI service. The session will cover NASH certificates, CSP linking, system configuration and electronic prescribing requirements.

Using MyHealth Record

Easy finding the right document in My Health Record This session demonstrates how to view clinical documents in a patient's My Health Record using clinical software.
Making sense of My Health Record medicines information Learn how to interpret the information available about a patient's regular medicines or medical history in My Health Record.
Using the Emergency Access function in My Health Record This session will cover your obligations when using emergency access, what a locked record looks like and the records you need to keep.
Understanding My Health Record and the patient privacy Understand how patients can control access to their My Health Record, what information they can view and build your confidence in responding to patient questions.

ADHA eLearning Modules

Access ADHA's online learning portal to complete self-guided eLearning modules on areas in My Health Record, Digital Health (cybersecurity, telehealth) and Electronic Prescribing.

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